Comments from satisfied coaching clients

I feel great and have realised I can change the way I behave in the process and take more control.”

“I have realised through discussion that the skills I have with families for dealing with stressful situations can be applied to my situation too. This was a real revelation. I feel much better about myself. I have a better plan. I will apply some of my own advice to families to myself and remember to use my calming strategies.”

“I realise that I have the resources within me to do a good job. I feel uplifted to have had this time for me and feel listened to and supported to move forward”. 

“[the coaching sessions] helped me to remember examples of good work and see my strengths. Helped me to think about positive strategies for how to improve my performance in my interview.”

“Helpful session which helped me to achieve clarity in relation my next steps and preparation following a recent bad experience.”