About me

Who am I?

I live in a rural village in North Yorkshire with my husband and our cat. I also have one adult son. In my spare time I enjoy walking, cycling, gardening, cooking and singing. I also love exploring new places and learning about different cultures and lifestyles. This is my most favourite pastime and one which I have always tried to prioritise, even when my budget has only been sufficient for a camping trip!  

I consider myself to be self-motivated, grounded and resilient. I am “down to earth” with a practical and caring nature. I am positive with a strong sense of fun and these characteristics help me to work through my own life’s challenges and find solutions.   

My background

My childhood was happy but tough at times – however, I learned so much from my experiences. I am the youngest in a large family of 8 children and this meant that money and resources were tight whilst I was growing up. My parents were also older than the norm and my father died (after a long illness) when I was only sixteen. At the time my mum was struggling, so alongside attending secondary school I managed our household budget and correspondence and I also helped mum with my father’s care. This meant that in my early teens, I had already developed a range of adult life skills.

I have always been keen to access education and develop both personally and professionally and I have studied for a number of qualifications over the years alongside full-time work and my family life.   

Why did I become a coach?

My career to date has always involved supporting people and I have gained great pleasure from seeing others develop, move forward and make progress. Helping to empower others to make positive changes in their lives is important to me. 

A few years ago, I attended a Coaching course and soon realised that I was already using coaching skills and techniques in my work and personal life to support myself and others. The new coaching techniques and knowledge I gained from the course inspired me to practice at every opportunity. It was at that time that I set my own goal to make coaching my future career. A few years later… here I am…. ready and willing to coach and actively carrying out my own personal action plan to make my goals and dreams a reality! My own belief is that if you decide that you are going to do something – you can do it! I have learned in life that I can achieve my goals and if I can do it so can you!

What experience do I have?

I have recent experience of coaching and I have a Diploma in Life Coaching and a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming to compliment my coaching work. I am an experienced leader and manager of people and public services and I am also an adult teacher. I have over 20 years of experience in these areas of work.   

I have worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds and who have faced a host of different life challenges. I am experienced in Solution Focussed Practice which helps people to think about their own solutions to problems and choose their own actions to address issues and achieve their goals.  

I have significant experience managing projects and developing new services in communities where nothing similar previously existed.  I have also worked with groups of people who have been resistant to change and have helped them to see the benefits of new services and start using these services themselves.

Hopefully, you will see that my passion for supporting people and my willingness for others to succeed will serve you well if you choose me for your coach. You can feel confident and safe, knowing that I will be there to support you at every step of your journey to achieve your own personal goals. 

What are my qualifications?

I have a number of qualifications, below is a list of the key qualifications that are most relevant as a coach.

  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management and Leadership
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Adults)
  • National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership
  • Coaching for Managers
  • Solution Focussed Motivational Interviewing
  • Diploma in Preschool Practice
  • Diploma in Personnnel Management

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